Rabu, 13 April 2011

A lot of people want to be a model because it's glamorous and sexy. However, it's an extremely competitive and grueling business that will more likely break you than make you. Here are some cold, hard truths about becoming a model, as well as some realistic advice to make it happen.
Realize that there are qualities every model needs to have, depending on the type of model one wishes to become. Generally, any feature indicative of good health is a must--clear skin, a full head of hair, and overall symmetry. Other qualities such as height and weight depend on what you're modeling. Consider working with a fitness trainer, especially someone who has a good reputation and experience with models. Tell them your modeling goals and how you'll need your body to look.
Therefore you should not miss to visit the Sydney Olympic Park – an astonishing place with diversified history; then the Acer Arena - an entertainment venue; the ANZ Stadium – a stadium for sport events; the Parramatta Stadium - a multipurpose arena one among the first ones in NSW; the Old Government House – the oldest public building in the town; The Riverside Theater - for best shows in Sydney; the Experimental Farm Cottage, Harris Park; the Parramatta Heritage and Visitor Information Centre -  a centre where you can get any information about Parramatta and its history. Still there are many other great attractions that should not be missed.
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